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WITH YASMINE OUGHLIS Mother of a blended tribe, TV host and columnist in "La Maison des Maternelles".

Yasmine is the wonder mum of a big smala with 2 kids and 4 step-children. A daily life at a thousand miles an hour, and yet she did not hesitate one second to entrust us with the clothes of her kids. For the most curious, go to our Instagram page @smala_official to discover her interview.


Cool, trendy and sporty! The wardrobe of Noé (6 years old) and Léo (9 years old) is filled with ultra cool and comfortable basics. The profits will be donated to the association Une Chance in’ouïe pour Ava, to raise funds for an operation in the United States.

Yasmine's mini interview

For you, the second hand is...

Yasmine : The second hand is clearly indispensable.

Which association do you wish to donate to? And why did you choose it?

Yasmine : I chose an association called Une Chance in’ouïe pour Ava , to support a couple, who simply want to give their daughter, who was born without hearing aids, ears. They have to go all the way to the United States, to Los Angeles, to operate on the first and then the second ear. They are incredibly combative, even small donations are welcome and that's why I want to give them this chance.

smala S logo asso une chance inouie pour ava

Une Chance in’ouïe pour Ava

Let's collect donations so that Ava, who has deformities in both ears, can be operated on.

"Ava, the youngest of a beautiful sibling group, was born with an ear defect called Microtia (non-development of the auricle) and Atresia (absence of the ear canal and eardrum).

She has a chance to rebuild her ears and ear canal with a surgeon located in the United States who operates on children all over the world."


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