At Smala - An endless adventure, second hand is child's play.

BGood plan, good sense and, above all, good luck: here, we know how to have fun.

It's the family that dresses the kids at low prices, with a focus on second-hand clothes. Or when Léa's too small jumper becomes Milo's favourite jumper the following month. A way to make room for some, to shop at a smart price for others. And to do good for the planet.

Well, that's all well and good on paper. And in real life, is it complicated? Not at all, but not at all. We wanted the experience to be as SIMPLE as the new one, so that second hand becomes a reflex.


It just happened

Here you can design your kids' locker room as fast as they grow!

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How does it work?

Tadam! With a little magic... And a lot of efficiency.

01. Our gems

Like new, they come from your cupboards, sent by you.

02. The workshop

We carefully check that everything is ok and perfect, to guarantee good surprises. Then we photograph and upload 100% checked news. Every day!

03. The choice

It's all done on a smooth, beautiful site with well-done photos, secure payment and absolute confidence. We hurry to send your parcels very quickly. And with care! The pieces are well arranged, nicely packed… Better than new!

04. And after ?

The clothes live a new life with your kids... until you decide to pass them on again. The circle is complete - and it's better for the planet!

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Smala, who is it?

A team based in Nantes, passionate about the Smala - An endless adventure project and who make their job a playground. It's also a magical workshop from which your parcels take off by express mail. Smala is an adventure that has only just begun!

In fact, we are recruiting!

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