Make the second hand a (happy) reflex.

Promise, swear, spit: we do things right. Simply because our kids deserve a future that will allow them to live all their adventures, but also to grow, to build themselves and to dream.

Smala - An endless adventure is a company with a mission - our desire to do well is written into our status and we are accountable for our progress. Our goal: to make second-hand a reflex.



    Back to school to make the world aware of overconsumption.


    Do we really need to produce so many clothes? Spoiler: not really.

  • 03. REUSE

    The planet is better off when we decide to share. That's why we like circularity.


    All sizes, all styles and all prices: there is something for everyone here.

  • 05. GIVE

    Every month, 20000 items are donated to children in need. The second hand on the heart!

Do you know La Maison de Marthe et Marie ?

This is an incredible association that helps pregnant women and young mothers in difficulty. They can be accompanied and find a place in a suitable rooming house, so that they are not alone during the first months of their child's life. We thought their mission was very important. So we decided to support them: quite simply!

Smala calculations

Even if you don't like maths, stay: we have some figures to share with you:

93% of clothes are unworn for 1 year

every year, a French person buys 9kg of clothes and gives away 3kg

only 20% of unworn clothes are recycled!

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