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WITH MATHILDE CABANAS Mother of 4 children and creator of the brand " Mathilde Cabanas " and her iconic " Bisou ".

Mathilde is coolness incarnate! Mum-entrepreneur from Nantes, she juggles her life as a mom with her lifestyle brand. At Smala - An endless adventure, we love her creativity, her overflowing humor and her colorful universe that makes us forget the grey of winter.


An avalanche of "Kisses"! Without surprise, the wardrobe of Pia (9 years old), Zéphyr (7 years old), Luz (4 years old) and Gaïa (1 year old) combines colors, comfort and iconic pieces. The profits will be donated to an association in Nantes chosen by Mathilde to help women victims of violence: Citad’Elles.

Mathilde's mini interview

For you, the second hand is...

Mathilde : Clever for a rhyme but really a revolution in our lives. It has become a reflex and it's the solution if you don't want to go through the fast fashion box.

Which association do you wish to donate to? And why did you choose it?

Mathilde : Citad’elles a safe, free and confidential place for abused women. They can come day and night with their children.

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helps and welcomes women victims of violence.

Citad’elles welcomes all women and their children victims.

The help is offered free of charge, and in complete discretion.

Open all year round, any time of the day or night. This place is located in a safe and quiet building with reinforced security.

A team composed of people trained in listening and accompanying women victims of violence. Psychologists, social workers, jurists, nurses, psychiatrists, midwives, specialized educators, police officers, gendarmes and lawyers, etc. to accompany women in the essential steps.

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