UT-106 DSP Modular Plug

For the IC-706MKII version 15, the UT-106 is already factory installed as standard equipment.

For the '706MKII version 05, the UT-106 is optional equipment that must be purchased and installed separately.

Now you can bring Automatic Notch Filter (ANF) and Noise Reduction (NR) functions to your favorite ICOM transceiver. The UT-106 installs in minutes, and there's no soldering required.

ANF -- automatically attenuates beat tones, tuning signals, etc., even if they are moving. Works in SSB, FM and AM modes.

NR -- reduces noise components and picks out desired signals which are buried in noise. The received AF signals are converted to digital signals and then . Works in all modes.

Both ANF and NR features are accessed through the transceiver's LCD display menu. The ANF function can be turned on or off via the menu. For NR, set the desired noise reduction level by using the [M-CH] knob. The display will show what level you are setting as you rotate the knob.

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